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The Scientific Explanation of Immortality After Death in Human Life

The  Scientific Explanation of Immortality After Death in Human Life

Below is a great explanation of immortality after death through scientific ways, it seems impossible but after i read this i started to understand why there are some people who believe in the reincarnation and afterlife. Its intersting and enjoy reading

TEMPO.CO, New York - Life after death so far only considered as a religious doctrine. But now the realm of science to explain the truth of the religion. A recent scientific study shows death is not the last stop. Conducted scientific observations of life and death apparently concluded correspond to the "other world" (multiverse).

Exposure science is explained by scientific theory called biosentrisme. According to this theory, although the body is designed to disintegrate itself, but there is an 'energy' that works in the brain, the 'feeling alive' on 'who am I'.

"Energy is not destroyed when the man dies," wrote the world's leading scientist and author of Biocentrism Robert Lanza, Friday, January 25, 2013. The theory does explain the science of energy conservation of energy.

According to Lanza, energy 'feeling of life' was not created, but it can also be destroyed. So, whether this energy move from one world to another?

An experiment recently published in the journal Science shows scientists could change anything that has happened in the past. Through experiments using a beam splitter (optical devices that split the light beam), the energy particles disconnected existence. Apparently, it can be determined what the effect on the particle is in the past, so that one can explore the experiences of the past.

The link between experience and the universe was beyond human ideas about space and time. But biosentrisme himself stated, space and time are not objects difficult as imagined.

This theory is analogous to time as the air in vain to arrest people because it can never be achieved. "You could not see anything through the skull bone that surrounds your brain," said Robert Lanza. "What you see and feel now is the rotation information to your brain."

According biosentrisme, space and time are merely a tool collector of information simultaneously. That's why, in a world that no space and time, there is no such thing as death.

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