Monday, 21 January 2013

So small it could almost be a miniature elephant

So small it could almost be a miniature elephant

elphant is small but it wil be a too small for dinosaur so the elephant maybe a miniature of the mamals in dinosaur era

This Is Some Poem by Wayne Hepburn About Elephant

An elegant Elephant waltzing along
Was heard to sing out this marvelous song.

How grand to be an Elephant, yessireeeee;
As strong and brave as anyone can beeeee;
And smart, and kind, you must agreeeee,
So swell and grand, it simply seems to meeeee,
That everyone should an Elephant want to beeeee.

OH! How grand to be a mighty pachyderm,
It's quite a bit handsomer than a worm.

I could have ended up a bumble bee;
Instead He made me just the way I ammmm,
So big I can unearth a giant treeeee,
And no one dares turn me into a hammmm.

An Elephant, it's truly fine to beeeee;
For nothing else on earth from A to Zeeee,
Quite compares to the lovely likes of meeeee-eee.
I surely must be nature's apo-geeeee.

I've tried to think of a better thing but cannnnn't;
The very best thing to be is an El-eeeee-phannnnnt


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